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Taking ownership of one’s economic capabilities should be something we’re all aiming towards. The feeling of being financially free is an intoxicating emotion that only comes from smart moves and hard work. Investments play a key role in providing people with that cushion of safety that sets up a foundation for success.

APM Dubai knows this and aims to help people aim for their financial goals through the ownership of physical gold products. Buying and selling gold bars can be a great way of insuring yourself some peace of mind when it comes to economic adversity. With that in mind, what does ownership mean within the context of the gold market? We’ll explore the difference between bullion and other gold products alongside their advantages and disadvantages.

Ownership: Taking The Context Of The Gold Market

When we think about ownership, we might imagine having full unadulterated ownership of a specific object. Within the context of the Gold Market, the term takes a similar spirit. However, the diversity of gold products available for investors can blur the lines of owning the gold you’re staking in. Some products such as Gold ETFs and Gold Futures can be a great way of investing in gold without actually handling the physical product.

However, this does block you from taking advantage of the benefits of owning physical gold. Here are some reasons why investors might prefer to handle physical gold bullion instead of Gold Stocks and similar products:

Hedging Against Economic Threats

As stated before in our previous looks into the Gold Market, the greatest benefit that Gold Bullion has over stocks and ETFs is their ability to protect against economic threats. Whether it’s rising inflation rates, market volatility, or political instability, the presence of gold will always have value for traders.

Of course, your investment goals may change according to the market situation you find yourself in. Let’s say that you’re confident that prices will be rising soon and want to capitalize on that. In that case, you’ll want to go for gold stocks and ETFs as they require less capital. Always look at the situation before choosing investments as it can protect you from having to short-sell or losing value!

Direct Access To Your Investments

Another benefit of owning physical gold is that you’re not going through a middleman just to sell your bullion. Stocks tend to fluctuate rapidly and your window to liquidate your asset might close quicker than you can react. With physical gold, you’ll be able to liquidate bullion without worrying as much about fluctuating prices.

It also grows in value as a rare commodity, making sure that there’s always a buyer for your gold bullion. To ensure the best chances of your bullion finding a buyer, you’ll want to invest in Gold Products that are backed by reputable refineries and institutions. Registered bullion traders such as APM Dubai can help you as they tend to stock products from refineries such as Al Etihad and Credit Suisse, both respected in the precious metals market.

Is There Safety In Gold Bullion Investments?

As with any investment, there’s always an element of risk when it comes to commodities such as Gold. However, the historical and industrial aspects of the market have created an environment where Gold and other precious metals can shine: As “Safe Haven” investments in the face of economic turmoil. Buying and Selling Gold Bars has become a more common practice as investors seek to hold onto more of their wealth amidst adversity.

Investors who are choosing to handle physical bullion will need to protect their investments through security solutions. Transparency, Honesty, and Professionalism are all values that are worth their weight in gold when it comes to the trade of Precious Metals. That’s why APM Dubai has stood as a leader in Bullion Trading within the UAE. As part of the Rakesh Rajdev Family of Businesses, APM Intl DMCC has always aimed to provide services that never disappoint.

Visit our website to learn more about us and what we do differently from other bullion companies within the region. Check our roster of precious metal bullion products and contact us for help with buying and selling gold bars!

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