Precious Metals are offered in all sorts of forms with the most common being solid bars of gold and silver. Known as “Bullion”, they are typically represented by ingots but can be extended to include coins, rounds, and other products. These shouldn’t be mistaken with jewelry such as rings or other generic forms that gold could take.

Each bullion product requires a significant amount of capital to obtain, especially when you’re dealing with larger denominations and weights. You’ll be dealing with purchase premiums, the hassle of transport, and securing bullion with solutions. Its why research is needed to figure out which denomination is right for your goals and the benefits of each.

APM Intl DMCC is one of the lead providers of bullion products and security solutions for each. We’ll be going through the common bullion denominations you’ll run into. We’ll also discuss why refineries go through the effort of making different denominations for individual investors and their portfolio goals.

The Most Common Bullion Sizes

Markets tend to differ when it comes to the most common bullion size that’s bought. However, there is a noticeable trend when comparing the sales of smaller sizes such as bars denominated in ounces. Great examples of these products include the Credit Suisse 1 oz. Gold Pendant. With a measured purity of 99.99%, it can be a great choice of investment for those looking for low premiums on their purchase.

Other denominations do exist outside of North America and their preferences for Ounces. Markets in Asia may sell products that come in Tola denominations. This measurement originated from India and was made standard during the English colonization of the sub-continent. It currently equals 180 troy grams/11.66 grams. Refineries all over the world make use of the Tola such as Credit Suisse and their 10 Tola Suisse Gold Bar.

Another common bullion denomination that’s used worldwide is the bar gm. You’ll find that most refineries offer some sort of bar measured with this denomination. An example would be Argor-Heraeus and their 100 Gm Gold Bar made available through our online catalog.

Why Bullion Comes In Different Sizes

Coins and Bars are typically made in different sizes and weights for a variety of reasons. There’s the practical reasoning of having each bullion uniquely identified according to weight. It could also be differentiated according to the design on the product and potential security elements that are embedded within.

Gold bars can range from 1 gram up to 1 kilogram, with the heavier ends of the spectrum only available for large financial institutions and industrial companies. Each region also uses different standards of weight measurement, such as in the case of Asian markets and the Tola. Whatever the case might be, your choice should depend on the budget you’re willing to expend and how much you’re able to secure.

1 to 100 gold bar gm are great options for individual investors just looking to stake their claim on the gold market. Those with larger capital funds have the option to go for heavier denominations and the lower purchase premiums that they usually come with. The best option for new investors would be to work with a dealer that specializes in buying and selling gold bars.

APM Intl DMCC: Helping Clients Protect Their Portfolio Through Gold Products!

To build a portfolio that incorporates precious metals means taking time to research the trends and figuring out your long-term plans. Gold is a stable investment that’s able to protect your capital from most of the effects of rising inflation rates. It also helps should markets fail and recessions occur, allowing you to keep your wealth safe and sound.

APM Intl DMCC has been leading the charge in providing clients with world-class services and market advice. We offer a wide range of gold bullion products that are sourced from renowned refineries all over the globe. Some of our products include the Al Etihad Gold Bar 1 Kg, a 995 purity gold bar sourced from the Al Etihad Refinery.

Visit our official website for more information about APM Intl DMCC and what we can offer you! We’re the partner to look for when you’re buying and selling gold bars within the UAE.

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