Bullion Trading In Dubai: The Gold Market And Trading For This Year

The gold market is currently in full swing thanks to a flurry of economic happenings throughout the last year. Thanks to that, the first half of 2023 might just be the perfect timeline for one to get into bullion trading in Dubai. For that, you’ll have access to tons of resources that can help guide your trading decisions online or offline.

There’s always an opportunity ahead for those who take their time to research. Gold Traders these days are seeking more from established refineries, such as the case with the Al Etihad Gold Bar. If you’re hoping to do some bullion trading in Dubai, you’ll need to know how to figure out if a refinery is certified or not.

Here, we’ll show you the different accreditations and other tell-tale signs that a reliable Gold Refinery company should have. Along with that, we’ll show you some trends in the gold industry and some examples of products that APM Dubai can help source for you!

Trends In The Industry: Developments In Gold Trading

When it comes to change, the Gold Industry has been pivoting toward new directions and innovations. Now, we’re in anticipation as to how markets will incorporate these new changes. However, what are these changes and how will they affect performance in the future?

New Regulations For Old Problems

Nowadays, the market has been regulated with a vision to make the market more resistant to instabilities while also answering risks inherent within the system. Transparency is the key to these new changes. A great example would be how the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre or DMCC become a signatory to the Declaration of Responsibility and Sustainability Principles.

This declaration shows that the international market is now looking into the environmental and societal sustainability of the trade. It ensured that all signatories are to work closely towards this goal and that they introduce initiatives towards responsible mining and sourcing of gold products.

Innovations In Trading Technology

There have also been changes to how gold is traded and exchanged thanks to the introduction of the Internet. With the popularity of digital currency, the existence of Gold-Based ETFs allows investors to buy and sell gold as if they were traditional stocks. It’s great if you’re looking to chip into the gold market without having to keep a physical piece of gold bullion.

The introduction of Gold CFDs has also been a new way of trading gold shares around the market. Also known as Contracts for Difference, accounts for these sorts of trading products are a broker and a deposit fund. From there, you can trade gold without paying for security solutions or storage fees. Although, just like with any other investment, you’d want to do your research into the current state of the market.

Refining Gold Bullion: Choosing The Right Refinery Brand

Now that we’ve seen some of the changes in the Gold Industry, we can look into individual products that we can offer clients. One great example would be bullion such as Al Etihad Gold Bar products. Others prefer to avail of golf in ounce packages or even in coin form. Whatever the case, you’ll need to know a bit more about the refinery making your products.

In Dubai, the more well-known refineries are all searchable on search engines. From there, you can figure out the longevity of the refinery. Another great way of ensuring the quality of a refinery is the Dubai Good Delivery Standard or DGD. Achieving this benchmark requires a refinery to create gold that’s worthy of international standards.

Currently, only two refineries have reached levels of international notoriety. Al Etihad, one of the younger refineries in Dubai, is the latest to receive it. They offer smelting services alongside recycling services for all sorts of precious metals.

APM Dubai: The Best Broker Within The Business

Aside from research and diligence, proper guidance is needed when navigating the lucrative world of the gold trade. is one of the best brokers in Dubai, able to help you effectively diversify your portfolio with precious metal products.Rakesh Rajdev, the owner of APM Dubai, has created a brokerage service that’s dedicated to providing clients with the best products and advice when it comes to gold.

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