Buy Gold Coin In Dubai: Preserving The Value Of Your Portfolio For Generations


Coins are just one of the ways that people can invest in precious metals but they’re also one of the most reliable ways to do so. Not only does it offer up lower risk compared to other products, but they also tend to be more readily available for buyers. Pair that with the fact that gold has held a relatively stable price trend and you’re sure to find success with gold coins!

Certain valuable coins are issued by different governments annually. These rare collectibles not only function as legal tender but also offer investors relative economic stability in times of need. Looking at things from a long-term perspective, we’ve seen a steady rise in value all across the gold market. From familial wealth to investment banks, gold remains a staple product to invest in.

For buyers of gold coins and similar products, there are two ways used to quantify the value of the coin:

  • Numismatic – Through this lens, buyers look at the more subjective value of the coin. Rarity, collectability, and the aesthetic of the coin are all in play when looking at the numismatic value of any product. Historical context also plays a part when dealing with antique coins.
  • Melt Value – Alternatively, a buyer might also be looking at the value of the metals used to produce the coin. Through this viewpoint, a buyer may be considering investing in coins as a hedge against economic issues and downturns. They may also be attempting to protect themselves from rising inflation rates and unfavorable monetary policies.

    Collectible Gold Coins That You Can Buy

    Bullion coins and their value can vary widely due to their inherent rarity. When you buy gold coins in Dubai, you’re faced with a vast array of coins to choose from. Here are some of the suggestions that we here at APM Intl DMCC endorse for those looking to shore up their gold coin collections:

  • The Krugerrand
  • First, we’re suggesting the Krugerrand due to its affordability and unique composition. Made in South Africa and composed of a Gold-Copper alloy, this coin has been promoted as an affordable option to invest in. Ever since its initial release back in 1967, it’s proven itself reliable within the market and is accepted across the world.

  • The Gold American Eagle
  • Of course, we can’t make a list of gold coin suggestions without mentioning the Gold American Eagle. Renowned throughout the world, this coin boasts a level of quality achievable only by the US Mint. Durable and ideal for long-term investment strategies, this coin is a great addition to any gold coin collection.

  • The Gold Maple Leaf
  • Another great option is the annually-released Canadian Gold Maple Leaf. First released in 1979, the coin boasts a purity of .9999 and comes in several denominations up to 1 gram. You may also be able to come across several special issues that have been released by the Royal Canadian Mint now and then.

    Whatever the coin of your choice ends up being, it’s important to understand the characteristics that tell the coin apart from duplicates and fakes. The coin market is still subject to counterfeiting. Now more than ever, it’s better to have an expert weigh in on whether your coin is a genuine article or just another clever fake. Choose APM Intl DMCC as your expert for when you buy gold coin in Dubai!

    APM Intl DMCC: Your Partner In Sourcing Genuine Bullion Products!

    If you’re looking for a firm with the right expertise in sourcing genuine bullion products, then look no further than the services of APM Intl DMCC. We help our clients throughout the decision to buy gold coins in Dubai. Alongside that, we also offer other gold products sourced from renowned refineries such as Al Etihad Gold.

    Visit our official website for more information on what we can offer you. Thanks to the efforts of our founder and his team, they’ve created a business that’s capable and ready to meet your needs! Contact us and see how our team of experts can help you to secure your wealth for generations to come!

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