Gold’s performance has always been a source of safety and security for many investors, especially those weary of economic threats and uncertainties. With the news of major banking companies failing within 2 developed countries, it’s understandable if you should take a more stable investment strategy.

Tech stocks and other volatile investments like cryptocurrencies rarely hold a place in such a strategy due to their fluctuating nature. For that, you’ll want to look back into history and consider safer assets such as gold. However, even the lustrous metal isn’t immune to macroeconomics. A rising U.S. Dollar plays a part in deciding whether the price rises or falls.

How should you deal with all the signs of risk and volatility that have shown this month of March? Is there safety in Gold? All of this and more are what we’ll be discussing in this article as APM Intl DMCC, recounts the major factors behind gold’s pricing trend this month!

Gold’s Prices This Week: A Pause Coming In The Future?

The world’s banking systems have been under scrutiny due to the failures of major banking companies such as Silicon Valley Bank. Followed by the collapse of another bank, Silicon Bank, many are fearing that these are signs of worse things to come.

Jerome Powell, the current FED chair, stated during the March 22 FOMC statement that the failings of these banks are due to blatant mismanagement. He then added that the US Banking System is both sound and resilient while reaffirming its commitment to fighting off rising inflation rates. For commodity investors, this equaled a sudden shift in the markets as gold finally starts at a downtrend path.

It wasn’t just gold that was jolted by a slight dip in value – Silver, Palladium, and Platinum all experienced drops within the 1% range. Many expect this to continue up until the pausing of rate hike increases due – in part – to the collapse of banks.

The Dollar Rises: A 0.5% Climb Weakens Gold Prices Worldwide

Another factor that bullion investors need to take note of when they plan to buy gold bar in Dubai is the current projection of U.S. Dollar prices. Much like how a company’s performance shifts according to the dollar’s value, one’s bullion investments can act similarly. Historically, Gold has had an inverse relationship with the U.S. Dollar as negative sentiments for the dollar usually results in a rise in gold prices.

With the Federal Reserve’s aggressive policies on combating inflation and some banks retaining low-interest rates for accounts, there’s demand for U.S. Dollar from the public. This means that the price of gold overseas rises as yield decreases per transaction.

This could be a sign for many gold investors to do one of two things: Save their capital for better buying periods or buy from markets with historically cheaper premiums. More conservative investors might want to hold off on their spending until other macroeconomic factors help stabilize the price.

If you’re looking at the latter option, then to buy gold bar in Dubai might be a good option. The fact that merchants within its sprawling markets offer competitive gold rates to all travelers means that one could still make good on their investments.

Making Good On Gold Bullion: Buying From Reputed Bullion Dealers

Even with all the pressure from economic factors like rising dollar prices, there will always be demand for gold bullion and other bullion products. The founder of APM Intl DMCC, knows this and has strived to create a business where clients can be confident in the quality and authenticity of their bullion!

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