Knowledge is power and that concept carries over to all of your dealings in the commodities market! It’s why knowing where gold comes from is so important and why refineries play a huge role in the market. Sourcing products from reliable refineries can be a great way to ensure liquidity and value for your selected product.

With APM Intl DMCC, you’re dealing with the best refineries in Dubai. However, what other options could there be for enterprising individuals such as yourself? In this article, we’re going to look at the 3 best refineries in Dubai and the Middle East that you can work with. All of these choices serve international markets and follow standards observed by the best refineries worldwide.

Knowing The Top Refineries In Dubai

As a city known for its blossoming gold market and all the strides it’s made towards improvement, Dubai is home to great gold refineries for investors to look into. Buyers need to know who they’re dealing with so we’ve collated some popular choices for you to know about. From local refineries to world-class refineries, here are our top picks:

Al Etihad Gold

When looking for a refinery that sits at the forefront of innovations, there’s no better choice than Al Etihad and its range of different bullion products. One of the younger institutions in Dubai’s gold market, only being founded in 2009, it’s positioned itself as an industry leader. Now, it’s known as one of the fastest-growing refineries in the Middle East and is accredited by the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre.

Some of their products include Silver and Gold Ingots and Granules that can be used for both investing and industrial purposes. Whatever your business might need with precious metals, there’s a good chance that Al Etihad has the product for your needs!

Emirates Gold

For those seeking a refinery that’s earned its distinction through years in the industry, Emirates Gold might serve as an apt choice for you! Priding itself as a state-of-the-art refinery, its offices have accepted clients of gold bullion in Dubai for over 30 years and counting. In terms of influence and reputation, few refineries within the country can hold a candle to the legacy of Emirates Gold.

They offer various bullion products such as Gold and Silver coins and ingots. They’ve also created a gold refining facility that uses the latest innovations of the 21st century to fine-tune the process. Whether it’s scrap metals or jewelry, Emirates Gold can purify the gold or silver and turn it into valuable commodities once more.

Gulf Gold Refinery

Gulf Gold Refinery is another choice for those looking for a refinery that serves the global market through refining, assaying, and security solution services. Known as well for good customer service and professionalism within the industry, Gulf Gold Refinery has offered world-class refining services that are topped with world-class integrity to boot. According to their site, their production has a total production capacity of around 100 metric tons per year. They also offer assay services to ensure that your bullion product is exactly what you expect it to be.

Why It’s Important To Know Your Gold Refinery Of Choice

Although the value of gold might seem like it’s set in stone, there’s room for adjustment depending on the refinery that handled its production. More famed refineries like Credit Suisse, who offer the 10 Tola Suisse Gold Bar, have products that offer liquidity and security for both sellers and buyers. After all, why deal with something that you can’t prove to be from the refinery on the bar itself?

It’s the reason why bullion products tend to be stamped with maker’s marks and serial numbers. These all help with tracking the bar, its authenticity, and purity of the bar itself. There’s also the presence of assay cards which helps to verify the bar against the wave of fake bars that do creep up on the market now and then.

Insure Your Bullion With A Trusted Gold Bullion Supplier

If you’re still unsure about the quality of the bar you’re eyeing in the market, why not get an expert to help you out? APM Intl DMCC is the gold bullion supplier that can guide you toward authentic bullion products! We offer a wide range of ingots that can fit your investment or industrial needs. We’re an experienced team dedicated to providing world-class bullion to all our clients.

Visit our contact us for more information on the products we offer and other services we can provide. Ensure the stability of your investments with the right gold bullion for the job!

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