The Rise Of APM Intl DMCC: Rakesh Rajdev And Experiences In Gold Trading

When venturing into new territories, any piece of experience or knowledge is necessary for figuring out the best ways through it. The Gold Trade is a prime example of that as it takes partners, resources, and a good sense for opportunities to become successful. That’s exactly what Rakesh Rajdev strived to achieve with the founding and rise of APM Intl DMCC. Our gold trading services have helped to create a safe, productive, and reliable environment for all sorts of precious metal traders.

Rakesh Rajdev Rajkot has also seen himself setting up other businesses related to the financial sector such as APM Capital and APM Bullion. However, he remains steadfast in his vision for APM Intl DMCC to become a business worthy of standing with the giants of the industry. From gold refining services to physical bullion trading, and asset security solutions, Mr. Rakesh Rajdev has been the company’s visionary force towards better business relations.

In this article, we’ll talk more about the nature of what we offer our clients and what Mr. Rakesh Rajdev Rajkot has in store for future operations. Along with that, we’ll explore the different things we can offer to all our fellow investors and how you can get into investing in gold bullion and other precious metals sourced from Dubai.


When setting out to create a service-based venture, one should focus on how the company works to forge relations with its customers. The world around us, although more advanced, has become impersonal with the speed of transactions and the hands-off nature of things. Dealing with clients by helping them understand the intricacies of physical bullion trading helps us mold our services to better fit their needs.

Mr. Rakesh Rajdev has been a major proponent in our company’s efforts to become both a reliable and trustworthy service that both veterans and new investors can trust. Our founder understands the initial doubt that comes with investing in something new. Knowing this, he ensured that all members of APM Intl DMCC’s team can help make the process less taxing.

Along with all this, a trading service has to continuously develop its customer relations and how it deals in trading. The legacy being built with APM Intl DMCC is one that’s being made to focus on innovation and ease of access. Although traditional methods still hold much sway in today’s markets, we know better than just leaving things to chance. Security will always be a concern and one that we’re aiming to fix through our solutions.


Although new trading methods such as digital gold stocks and other manners of trade are being developed, we believe there’s always a place for physical assets. Through Rakesh Rajdev Rajkot and his drive to deliver, we’ve given our clients numerous options for physical gold trading!

Our business currently hosts around 40 products that are made from high-quality gold samples and priced competitively compared to similar companies. Along with a variety of products, we aim to please you by ensuring transactions are done with credibility, reliability, and integrity.

Looking from an outsider’s perspective, statistics such as client retention, successful transactions, and even things such as Rakesh Rajdev Net Worth figures all play a part to paint the image of the company. Putting our best foot forward is just as important as delivering the best services to our traders. One way we do this is by being in the business of asset security, a field that requires the utmost trust between businesses and clients.


If you’re looking for a partner to help secure your wealth and retain its value, you’ll find no better partner than us. APM Intl DMCC, under the leadership of Mr. Rakesh Rajdev, has flourished into a partnership that allows for great service to come from it. Our team offers research-based feedback regarding investments in Gold or Silver. Along with that, we can also offer all sorts of bullion products for you to select from.

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